MSF eCampus Renewed

Dear MSF eCampus Learners,

The MSF eCampus Team is happy to announce that the renewed MSF eCampus is on the air! Some months ago, after 8 years of continuous interaction with MSF eCampus learners, we decided to start the implementation of a series of improvements based on their feedback. The main improvements are the following:

1 - Improve the user experience in the MSF eCampus.

This implies intuitive access to relevant elements such as courses, application procedures, etc. In order to achieve this an online catalogue of learning information is in place and the access to the learning opportunities has been made more agile.

2 - Improve the accessibility to MSF eCampus learning actions

This has been done mainly in 3 different ways:

• Network improvement: users will connect to MSF eCampus through the closer and more efficient communication node.
• Mobile access: The renewed learning environment can be accessed now from mobile devices in a better way.
• Offline access: Users with poor internet connection or no connection at all will be able to access contents specially designed for that purpose.

Apart from the above mentioned improvements, other new features have been integrated with success. These features are related to user management, reporting and communications. Their aim is to make us more agile and meet the needs of our users in a more efficient way.

We hope that you learn more and have an even better experience on the new MSF eCampus!

The MSF eCampus Team