General Objective

Allow medical and key non-medical staff to implement Mental Health psychosocial support (MHPSS) programs using specific MSF tools.

Also, the course will involve the management of key MHPS aspects of violence and displacement related conditions.

List of contents

  • Apply MSF MH Policy
  • Types of MH intervention
  • Assesment & Program
  • MHPSS interventions
  • HR in Mental Health
  • Monitoring & Supervision
  • Advocacy
  • Stress intervention
  • Trauma intervention
  • Losses intervention
  • Reflection module


This course is for self-learning. All along the course participants will have to carry out different tasks. These tasks have a practical approach and their main objective is that participants once in the field can integrate the products of those tasks

The practicality of this course is that it's accessible at any time. It can be done module by module according to the participant availability, the job activity and/or the interest. Notice that the MH course certificate will be given as soon as the course completion requirements are met.


In order to get PASS qualification it will be necessary to pass all evaluable activities (Final Quiz exercises). Once you have finalized the course, you will get a course certificate.

How to Enrol

Send your application form to Application forms are available in “How to Apply” on the homepage.

Who is this course aimed at

Managers and coordinators (MHAM, PMR, PC, Medco/deputy, HoM)