Provider: OCBA  

 Commitment: 6 Months


 Language: English, Spanish & French

 Topic: Medical 


Dates: 29/05/17 to 23/06/17, 12/09/17 to 16/10/17



 Estimated cost: 45€   
 Number of seats: 20  Course Format: Online (with tutor)  

 Duration: 50h within 5 weeks


General Objective

Participants (MSF field staff) will be able to analyze and make decisions when facing a new potential health emergency.

List of Contents

  • What is a health emergency?
  • What is a Rapid Health Assessment for?
  • Planning of a Rapid Health Assessment
  • Priorities to Assess in different health emergency contexts
  • Implementation of the RHA: Qualitative and quantitative data collection. Sources of information. Contrasting information
  • Health indicators
  • Analysis of the data
  • RHA Report: conclusions and recommendations


The student will have to work individually and cooperatively to solve problems, produce documents, etc. There will be forums, chats and actual documents: video, audio, photos, etc. Tutors will guide and evaluate students’ performance.

How to Enrol*

Download your application from How to Apply and send it to

Who is this course addressed to*

  • Main: Field Medical Staff with minimum 2 missions of experience in regular projects or emergencies.
  • Secondary: Medical focal points and field coordinators with limited or non- experience in emergencies.