General Objective

To empower key mission staff, holding or on the way to take coordination positions and/or managerial tasks on Emergency.

ERT aims at developing a strategic approach amongst field members in charge of strategic decision making regarding emergencies. The students of the ERT Program will focus on strategies, not technicalities:

  • Be better prepared to be able to detect and appropriately manage emergency alerts.
  • Know what the main emergency intervention criteria are (how to analyse different scenarios).
  • Know what the main emergency intervention strategies and procedures are (how to adapt intervention to different situations).

List of contents

  • Module 1: Alert Detection
  • Module 2: Alert Investigation
  • Module 3: Epidemics (Measles, Cholera, Meningitis, Malaria, Mass vaccination)
  • Module 4: Nutrition
  • Module 5: Natural Disasters
  • Module 6: Complex Emergencies


Lectures, case studies, group work.

How to Enrol

Send your application form to
Application forms are available in “How to Apply” on the homepage.

Who is this course aimed at

The course is addressed to those staff fulfilling at present or in the next future (in less than 1 year) roles and responsibilities of decision making and/or coordination regarding 1) alert detection and management, 2) emergency exploratory missions and rapid assessments, and 3) emergency intervention design, planning and management.

By coordination we mean emergency intervention coordination (line manager at field or capital level responsible for the intervention) or coordination of components/programs and teams in an emergency intervention (i.e. Medical or Logistics Team Leaders, Nutritional Program Responsible, Outreach Activities Responsible, Refugee Camp focal person, etc. at field level, and capital positions with managing/supporting tasks as MedCos, LogCos, and their deputies and assistants).

The above mentioned are the first priority targeted staff. If maximum number of participants is not filled with them, other no priority profiles that can attend the course (never exceeding more than 20% of the total participants) are:

  • Senior staff member of MERTs who will be developed to assume the above mentioned roles and responsibilities in the mid term.
  • HRCo and FinCo of the EU pool.