Provider: OCG   



 Language: English

 Topic: Finances  

Dates: Always available


 Estimated cost: - 
 Number of seats:     Course Format: Online (self-paced)   

 Duration: Approximately 16 hours


General Objective

Pre-briefing prior to Geneva face to face briefing for First Mission International Staff.

The objective of the course is that the student gets familiar with MSF tools and finance policies and procedures.



You will need access to a PC with Windows 7 or later with excel 2003 or later. This course will not work with a MAC.


List of Contents

  • Before you start
  • Introduction to MSF Finance
  • Coding Basics
  • Let’s use SAGA
  • Budget Matrix
  • Engagement of Expenditure
  • Cash Management
  • Feedback


Please note. If you are leaving for a mission that uses UniField accounting system, do not follow module 4. SAGA, and ensure that you are enrolled on the separate UniField e-learning.



You will interact with multimedia presentations that synthetize main facts, concepts and processes and quizzes to test your knowledge. There are 2 main interactive case studies to perform a month’s simulation on the accounting and budgeting tools.

You will have access to tutors, in case of difficulty / questions for clarification.


How to Enrol

Please contact and copy


Who is this course addressed to

  • International Staff: First Mission Project Finance Managers and (Deputy)- FinCos
  • Local Staff: All local finance staff may access the course, but which modules to follow must be agreed with your line manager.