General Objective

The world of drug-resistant tuberculosis care has moved forward recently with the approval of 2 new antibiotics and evidences on shorter and efficient treatments. As part of routine DR TB care, WHO has recommended that active drug safety management and monitoring applies to all patients treated with XDR TB regimen, novel regimen (e.g. short regimen) and MDR TB regimen with the new drugs.

In this aim, the pharmacovigilance unit of MS provides an elearning course allowing to train yourself on the minimum requirements of such active surveillance (module 1) and for some sentinel sites on the additional requirements (module 2).

List of Contents

MODULE 1 At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Define what is an serious adverse event.
  • Fill in an SAE Report Form.
  • Perform severity evaluation and causality assessment.

MODULE 2 At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify reportable non-serious adverse events.
  • Perform AE tracking & follow-up.


Allocate the necessary free time for you to take the elearning courses. It is preferable to take module 1 before module 2 if you are working at a sentinel site and therefore need to follow both modules. Sit in a quiet room, take the time to read the theory and perform all the online exercises. Under ‘resources’ you can find all the practical tools.

Please write down all your questions and address them to us:

After the elearning, you can register to webinar case studies to challenge your knowledge with us and ask any more questions you may have. To register for case studies, please contact us:

How to Enrol

You can enrol yourself or your team by writing an email to

Who is this course addressed to

  • TB/Medical referents from central team.
  • Medical coordinators (or equivalent positions) and their deputies.
  • TB doctors.
  • But also TB nurses or other healthcare professionals involved in TB care and interested to know more about pharmacovigilance.