General Objective

The overall objective is to enable the setup of multidisciplinary activities to address sexual violence in MSF projects, including legal and security aspects. This will be done by providing background information and tools to medical and non-medical staff at all levels.

List of Contents

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe consequences and causes for sexual violence
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for the set-up of sexual violence activities
  • Follow the specific steps to implement SV activities
  • Gather information on SV through the assessment tools
  • Explain the importance to assign SV focal points in the project when working on SV.
  • Reckon the importance of the increase in knowledge and sensitization of the staff
  • Screen for SV among patients within the health facility, and have a professional communication with them
  • Critically map other actors.
  • Include community awareness and engagement in SV projects
  • Choose among various strategies of implementation of SV care according the assessment results
  • Provide multidisciplinary care to the victims of SV.
  • Implement the principles for management sensitive information and data, including their analysis.
  • Identify effective strategies to prevent SV


This course has a task or problem based learning approach in which the participants will have to produce certain products related to a sexual violence case or context. The course also includes self-learning, quizzes and interactional activities.


Students can take specific modules if they want, however, in order to obtain the certificate, students need of 70% or more on quizzes.

How to Enrol

Send your application form to

Who is this course addressed to

  • Medical (all profiles) and non-medical (FC-HoM-HAO) profiles
  • First mission or experienced staff
  • Adequate English level is required
  • Open to international and national MSF staff