General Objective

This is the PPD Logistics Technical Online 1 in e-Campus Platform as part of a Blended program for the PPD training.

The general objective of full training (OL1+F2F+OL2) is to:

  • Ensure continuity and improvement in logistics management when a logistic FIRST MISSIONER arrives in a REGULAR project.
  • So, this online part give you an overview on logistics that should be enhanced in the F2F part.
  • Take into account that logistics in MSF is not only related with supply chain, which is also an important topic. A MSF logistician has responsibilities in other "families” as:
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Water and sanitation
  • Energy

List of Contents

This online part is built on three chapters:

  • Logistics e-briefing: This chapter shows you the main responsibilities in all different "families” that a logisitician is supposed to do
  • Quiz on Logistics Library (LogLi): This quiz is mandatory to achieve your online training. All the correct answers you can find in the LogLi. The aim of this activity is you become a bit more familiar with the documentation that logisticians use on the field.
  • Supply: As supply chain is a very important part of the logistician's job and responsibility you can watch some videos related with.