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Site: MSF E-Campus
Course: MSF E-Campus
Book: Manuals
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Date: Friday, 24 January 2020, 7:30 AM

Help overview

The following documentation is intended to make your experience in our site much more easy, enjoyable and profitable.

Throughout the site you will find User Tours to introduce key elements of the site. In addition, the guides below provide links to more detailed documentation of the underlying Moodle and Totara features.

Once you have got familiar with our MSF e-Campus main pages we recommend you to read the following information to get a good command of the tasks you will need to perform in the site depending on how you take part in a course.

Have a nice journey and don’t doubt to make any suggestion regarding our Help documentation using the contact email address in the page footer.

Student Guide

Addressed to: This guide is addressed to MSF e-Campus users that participate in a course as students.


Within a course there are different types of activities and resources the student must know how to interact with so as different ways to communicate with tutors and other students taking part in a course. The aim of this guide is to give the student all the necessary instructions so that he / she can make the most of his / her participation in the course.




Interaction with other participants

Following my performance in the course

See also

Tutoring or supporting a course

Addressed to: These contents are addressed to MSF eCampus users that participate in a course as tutors or Subject Matter Experts.


In order to tutor or support a course there are several operations that the user must perform such as manage students’ information, view students results in the different activities in the course, etc. In this section you will find the instructions to perform all these operations.


Participants management

How to manage, organize and follow-up participants in your course

Communication with participants

How to keep in touch and communicate with participants in your course.

Activities follow-up

How to perform a thorough follow up participants results. (Contents being in construction)


How to extract information about.

Grading administration

How to manage grades from participants


About rights and different access options.

Contents Creation How-Tos

Addressed to: Instructional Designers: the role in the system in charge of the course contents creation.


In this section you will find all the necessary instructions for the creation and update of courses contents: activities and resources so as to manage any other components in the course.


  • Courses - how to set up your courses.
  • Editing text - how to use the text editor and what the icons mean.
  • Activities - how to involve students actively in their learning.
  • Resources - how to add static materials to your course.
  • Questions - how to create questions for use in quizzes and lesson module.
  • Reusing activities - how to copy or recycle elements of your course.